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Our programming is available to any individual with an intellectual disability.

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Our pograms are designed to increase fitness levels, develop individual and team skills, and promote sportsmanship and fair play. No person shall be excluded from participation on the grounds of gender, race, religion, ability level or financial constraint; however, all athletes need to follow the Athlete Code of Conduct. If an athlete is unable to, they will not be eligible to participate. 


Eligibility and Medicals

Many sport programs require good upper and lower body strength, coordination and endurance. All individuals must be registered as an SOBC – Vancouver athlete in order to participate. 

The typical program year is September-August. All athletes must renew their Registration annually. For safety and liability reasons, the medical forms for each athlete participating in a program (or competition) must be available on-site. 

An athlete cannot participate (in training or competition) if there is not a current completed medical on hand, regardless of whether they, or their guardian, give their authority to participate without one.

As health conditions and medications can change regularly, it is the responsibility of the athlete and their family to advise of changes on their medical form.   

How to Register

In order to register for our programs, please complete the following:

  1. Complete the SOBC Registration & Medical Form.
  2. Complete the Participation Waiver.
  3. Send completed SOBC Registration and Medical Form to our Registration Coordinator.
  4. Please send your medical form, annual payment of $25, and applicable extra program fees by cheque (please no cash in the mail) to: SOBC Vancouver C/O 252 16th Avenue East, Vancouver BC V5T 2T4

The following programs require extra fees. Please include it with your payment.

  • Speed Skating – Registered athletes will be reimbursed $118.50 – self register via IceReg
  • Alpine Skiing – $125.00 
  • Skate Skills – $125.00 (includes $46 in Skate Canada membership fees)
  • Figure Skating – $130.00 (includes $46 in Skate Canada membership fees)
  • Powerlifting – $155.00 (includes $105 in CPU and BCPA membership fees)

Fees are in addition to the $25 reigstration fee. SOBC Vancouver no longer pays association and membership fees.

Please note:

  • Athletes who prefer to mail physical copies of forms may do so to the address above.
  • Additional program fees are incurred for certain sports (see above).
  • Please notify the Registration Coordinator if there are any changes to your medical information or if you have new contact information. 
  • Athletes may still register for programs that are TBD and more information will be provided at a later date.  
  • Click here to download the 2023/24 Program Brochure/Schedule.
  • For more information on available programs, please visit our Programs page here.
Special Olympics BC - Vancouver

In 1980, Special Olympics BC (SOBC) was established as an accredited chapter of Special Olympics Canada. In 1982 the Vancouver Local was formed as part. SOBC – Vancouver offers over 30 programs across 23 different sites, which are athlete-centered, coach-driven and administratively-assisted. Moreover, our local is entirely run by over 100 dedicated volunteers.



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