fundamentals-300x213The FUNdamentals stage occurs after the Active Start stage and typically before participation in more competitive activities. Typically tailored for athletes between the ages of 7 – 12 years old, athletes with intellectual disabilities benefit from this structured and unstructured program to acquire the crucial physical literacy skills needed to participate in lifelong physical activities after puberty.

Without the onset development of these crucial physical literacy skills prior to puberty the athlete’s ability to participate in more advanced physical activities throughout the lifespan is limited. This Special Olympics BC – Vancouver program thus not only supports physical development it also supports social integration and inclusion throughout the lifespan.

The purpose of the FUNdamentals program is to support physical activities that are fun and naturally reinforcing. Skills emphasized in this stage are built upon the skills acquired in the Active Start stage and include: flexibility, agility, strength, endurance, decision making.

Although certain sport specializations are occasionally appropriate for athletes at this stage (rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating, diving) it is recommended that athletes try out multiple activities at the same time instead of specializing in an individual sport. By increasing the diversity of physical activities the athlete’s physical literacy is strengthened. Once the FUNdamentals are learned the athlete can evaluate sport specific skills to pursue.

FUNdamentals and Active Start coach training is required for coaches within the first year of volunteering.
Current volunteers interested in coaching for these programs can contact our Program Coordinator, at Individuals thinking of volunteering and interested in being involved these programs can contact our Volunteer Coordinators, at for further information and an application packet.