Contribute Your Stories and Photos

SOBC Vancouver is a close-knit community, and everyone’s participation is valued immensely. At every practice and event, our athletes are constantly giving their maximum effort to achieve great personal success. They do so with the 110% support and encouragement from their coaches, volunteers, family members and friends. Such incredible moments deserve to be shared across and beyond our community. This is where you come in.

Know any great moments from a recent out-of-town competition you’ve attended or coached? Is there an inspiring athlete or volunteer whom you would like to be recognized? As a participant of SOBC Vancouver, you are invited to submit stories and/or photos to us to have them featured in an article, in our photo gallery, in the newsletter, or all! Here are the following types of content we accept:

  • program or competition recaps
  • athlete, coach, or volunteer profiles
  • event or fundraiser announcements
  • accompanying photos or images

Please send your submissions to Kantar Lin at You may also notify them in advance if you intend to contribute a story for a future event.

PLEASE NOTE: The publication of user-submitted content is subject to modification and approval from the Local Committee. All content is submitted on a volunteer non-compensatory basis. The original author or contributor will be credited publicly if requested. Please allow 2-5 days for the publication of website content.