Volunteer Application Process

Volunteer Application Process

Hello and thank you for your interest in volunteering for Special Olympics BC Vancouver! We’re the largest local in BC with over 25 sports programs and 300 volunteers. Please kindly follow the application process below and read the FAQ at the bottom. Volunteer openings will be updated regularly here.


Minimum commitment for coaches is 1 year, and minimum commitment for executive positions and program head coaches is 2 years.

  1.  Determine if any of our programs in the current season fit your schedule here.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Application Package here.
  3. Email us your resume/CV and Application Package, and in one or two sentences describe what you’d like to volunteer with us here.
  4. You will be contacted for a criminal record check and interview.



  1.  Can I miss any practices?
    A: Our athletes form a strong bond with all of our coaches, and the Head Coaches of every program depend on you to run weekly practices. With that being said, if you need to take a day off, please inform the Head Coach as early as possible so that they can plan adequately in advance. We require 85% minimum attendance for references.
  2. Do I need to be an expert in the sport that I coach?
    A: While we love to have coaches who are experts in their field, most of our athletes practice at an introductory level. This means that encouragement is key for our athletes and we appreciate volunteers who are enthusiastic and patient. You only need a basic understanding of the sport that you coach, and we will provide additional training (e.g. NCCP) as needed. There is also a Head Coach at every program to guide you through the practice.
  3. Where are the programs? What if I don’t live in Vancouver?
    A: You can find a list of programs and their respective locations here. Many of our volunteers live in other areas of the lower mainland but work and study in Vancouver, and so they plan their volunteer programs to be after work or school. However, if you’d like to volunteer for your specific city, you can find contacts here.


Any other questions please contact us at volunteers@sobcvancouver.org. Thank you, and we hope to have you join our amazing team!