Incident Reports


Incident reports are used for specific problem occurrences that warrant documentation. Incident report forms should be used for any first aid related injury or treatment of a specific medical problem that is out of the ordinary, any behaviour problem or any coach, parent/guardian/caregiver related incidents.
The question is “What warrants documentation?”

A general rule of thumb for documentation of incidents or accidents is…if you are unsure…fill out the form! The forms are completed to inform the SOBC Provincial Office (as well as the local and region) that an incident has occurred that could have serious ramifications. The form should be filled out as soon after the incident/accident as possible. Copies should be sent to the Hosting Local (if it is an event), the athlete or coach’s Local, and to the SOBC Provincial Office.

Click here to download Behavior Incident Report Form.
Click here to download Medical Incident Report Form.

For Coaches

Click here to download Athlete Incident Report Form.
Click here to download Coaches Reimbursement Form.