This Privacy Statement describes how Special Olympics BC (“we” or “us”) collects, uses and discloses personal information about (1) visitors to our website; (2) donors, sponsors, and attendees at fundraising events; (3) volunteers; (4) athletes and athlete family members; and (5) employees (collectively “you”). This Privacy Statement, which applies to British Columbia, informs you how we collect, use and disclose personal information whether online or offline. Special Olympics BC will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Statement and applicable law.

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Guidelines and Procedures

Special Olympics BC’s (“SOBC”) mission is to provide individuals with an intellectual disability, the opportunity to enrich their life and celebrate personal achievement through positive sport experiences. We are volunteer-based and athlete-centered. We are an accredited sport body, and as such, SOBC and Special Olympics Canada (“SOC”) have policies and procedures in place to ensure conformity and the safety and well-being for all concerned.

SOBC policies are too voluminous to distribute, so we have attempted to highlight pertinent guidelines and procedures, which would be of interest to or affect coaches. You are welcome to review the SOBC Policies Manual or a specific policy by contacting the Local Coordinator. If you are not sure if there is a policy on a particular issue, please check the SOBC web site. www.specialolympics.bc.ca

The Local’s Executive Committee (the “Executive”) may grant exceptions to a policy (if permitted by SOBC). Requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Executive for consideration with full particulars. The Executive meets once a month. Discussion items for the monthly meeting can be submitted to the Local Coordinator(s) by coaches and volunteers. If you are interested in attending a particular meeting, please contact a member of the Executive to determine the date, time, and location. Head Coaches receive the minutes after each monthly meeting, which all coaches/volunteers are welcome to read.

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Additional Policies & Procedures

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